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"As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner."     -Rumi 



Tennent Therapeutics strives to provide affordable, individualized patient care in a comforting and friendly setting.

  • We use the knowledge of ancient wisdom to help clarify healthy lifestyle choices within our modern culture.
  • We focus on education to empower individuals to take an active role in their health by encouraging their own daily awareness.
  • We see the body as an integrated ecosystem just like the planet we live on.
  • We believe that healing is a dynamic process that requires us to tune into and give attention to all five levels of the body. This includes the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual bodies.
  • Every treatment is catered to each individual to optimize his or her quality of life and well-being.

My goal is to help you discover what health looks and feels like to you by honoring the uniqueness in each individual. I am honored to be part of your healing journey.